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September 1, 2020

Producing Medical Gowns Can Be A Challenge

The challenge is how to make a medical gown to be worn only once at low-cost

and at the same time provide high-quality for maximum protection.  Reliable and

repeatable processes are necessary to produce impermeable seams in a

sustainable production environment.  Welding medical gowns with ultrasonic

technology ensures continuous tightness of the assembly and closing seams to

prevent entry of gases, viruses, and bacteria.

Ultrasonic welding machines eliminate the need for additional taping of the seams (see picture / blue tape).

This reduces the necessary work steps by 60% compared to production with standard sewing machines.

Key competencies:

  • 3 fabric welding technologies (Ultrasonic, Hot Air, Hot Wedge)
  • More than 50 years’ experience in fabric welding
  • Advanced Technology Center with new robotics laboratory
  • Strong team of engineers & consultants with applications knowledge


PFAFF 8311 

New generation of flat-bed ultrasonic welding machine


PFAFF 8310 

Feed-off-the-arm and post-bed ultrasonic welding machines

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Mariano Amezcua



Marvin Sosa

Sales Manager


August 5, 2019

The core of our industrial sewing machines is and remains a purely mechanical component: the hook.

To give you easy access to our variety of premium long-lasting hooks, we introduced our hook catalog and just recently updated it to also include all high performance hooks made by PFAFF Industrial®.

As we are constantly expanding the catalog, you can be sure to always have the latest information available to you at a glance.


May 17, 2016



Industrial fabric and equipment exposition


Working Together to Advance the Industry


IFAI Expo 2016 is the premier educational and trade show event for the specialty fabrics, advanced textiles and shade and weather protection arenas, featuring a host of opportunities to take your career to the next level.



May 11, 2016

Double-needle special high-speed seamer for setting zippers. Area of application for medium-weight materials on upholstery, bags, awnings, tens, boats interiors etc.

May 4, 2016

Dürkopp Adler - M-TYPE 867 KFA  

May 2, 2016

KSL  KL-361
free programmable CNC-sewing unit with rotating sewing head size of the sewing field from 1.500 x 1.500 mm up to 6.000 x 8.000 mm...
...for high-class safety-, function- and decorative seams for automotive and upholstery applications

April 24, 2016

PFAFF 3307-1/11

Button Sewer for Military Clothing Electronic single chainstitch button sewer with automatic button feeder...
… and unique double interlaced end stitch - “secure stitch”.